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With homeowner and property insurance, we have protection from the financial fallout that can stem from property damage. While property insurance is a wonderful thing, filing your property insurance claim can sometimes be quite a headache. Thankfully, Elite Roofing & Contracting LLC offers first-rate insurance claim services at an affordable rate.

When a storm or some other event leaves your rooftop damaged, you can count on us to help you file and report your insurance claim to perfection. We’ll assess damages, notify the insurer, and even restore the roof damages ourselves.

With us documenting the extent of the damage and recording our findings carefully, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll make sure you receive the insurance payout you deserve. Call us at (816) 866-7770 today.

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Insurance Claims Made Simple

People who say filing an insurance claim is challenging just has not worked with us. Simply put, we take the confusion and the stress out of the filing process. We make an inventory of the damaged property items, organize relevant receipts, and go to great lengths to prove the extent of any incurred financial losses.

What’s more, we do all of this while providing unrivaled customer service. We invite all our clients to ask whatever questions might come to mind.

Meeting All Your Insurance Claim Deadlines

Many insurance providers have a time-limit on insurance claims. This means that you cannot wait several weeks or a month to report property damages—you need to act quickly. We can help you file these claims in the appropriate time frame with ease. Our swift approach to the filing process will also help you receive your payout sooner, which will only benefit you and your family.

Brick Siding

Having stood the test of time for durability and classic stylishness frequently found in Tudor and English style cottage exteriors, genuine clay brick siding is meticulously installed on the outside of the wood frame of your house using mortar by a skilled team of Elite Roofing & Contracting LLC roofing and siding specialists

Filing Property Claims Properly

Are you currently in a struggle to navigate the claims process? Let us be the ones to guide you toward financial compensation and property restoration. Call us today.

Roof Claims Are Our Specialty

Being roofing contractors as well as claims specialists, we have a special affinity for documenting roof damage. What’s more, we’re capable of restoring any of the damages we uncover. Whether moisture has ravaged the underlayment or a storm has torn the shingles and the gutters away from the roof, we’ll be able to restore your roof to its former glory. Rest assured, we will also keep a detailed record of the repairs and all costs, as well.

In times such as these, we are more than service providers. When helping you recover from property damage, we act as your advocates every step of the way.

File Your Claim Today

Your insurer is required to restore your property to the state it was in prior to any damages. That said, it is your responsibility to document and report all damages accurately and in a timely fashion.

Let us be the ones to handle the claims process. With our keen eyes as well as photo and video documentation equipment, we will accurately report and file your claim. Before long, you’ll receive the claim you deserve. Call (816) 866-7770 today.

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